The unjust trial of Daw Suu continues…

မင်းကောင်းမင်းမြတ်ဆိုတာ သူ့ပုဂ္ဂလ လိုအပ်ချက်တွေကို ချိုးနှိမ်ပြီး တိုင်းပြည်ကို အလုပ်အကျွေးပြုဖို့သာ ဦးထိပ်ပန်ပါတယ်။

The good ruler sublimates his needs as an individual to the service of the nation.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Daw Suu, the democratically elected leader of Myanmar, has been largely invisible since being detained by the military in February, except for a handful of court appearances in a special court in Naypyidaw. This is her only link to the outside world.

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